The first issue of Postprint Magazine dilates the concept of a printed periodical of poetry wide enough to take in also color, form, and the systems of commerce that hold them. By collapsing the limits of the printed page, we hope the distinction between reading and seeing may also be collapsed, allowing for the fulfillment of a more spatial poetics. The process of perception every artist in this issue carries us through, from place to place in the gallery, describes an answer to a question beautifully phrased by the poet, George Oppenif poetry is a process of perception, what is the limit of poetry, if not words? 

Featuring the work of:

Sharon Butler, Paul D'Agostino, Gary Gissler, Julia Madsen, An Authentic Skid Mark (Kaleigh Moynihan), Giovanna Sundqvist-Olmos, Charles Shields, and Seldon Yuan