In Our Prison on the Sea | The New York Times

In Our Prison on the Sea | The New York Times

In Our Prison on the Sea, by Mansoor Adayfi, was adapted from our forthcoming exhibition catalogue for Exhibit and Symposium: Ode to the Sea - Art from Guantánamo Bay and published today in The New York Times

Enter a Living Embodiment of Poetry Ι The Creator's Project

The contents of a "conceptual live magazine," in which the pieces in a space are arranged to be read and interacted with, emerges at Outlet Gallery in Brooklyn. Curated by Charles Shields and Julian A. Jimarez Howard, Postprint Magazine’s first issue, Expensive Poetry, is a nonexistent print publication featuring works by eight artists, including Sharon Butler, Paul D’Agostino, and Giovanna Olmos.


Instead, Jimarez Howard and Shields take the idea of art on a printed page and expand it beyond its reach, imagining future issues in different locations. “When you enter the exhibition space, you’re quite literally standing inside the first issue of Postprint Magazine. In the future, this issue will exist as an archive on the website of Outlet Gallery and Postprint Magazine, but it’s conditioned to be most deeply experienced IRL,” says Shields. The pieces invite you to engage and explore and become a part of the installation, much like flipping through the pages of a brand new mag....

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Expensive Poetry
Friday, August 5 at Outlet Fine Art, 253 Wilson Ave, Bushwick. Opening reception 7-10pm, show on view through August 21. More info here
Outlet is an exhibition space born from a marriage of Julian Jimarez Howard’s Sunset Surf Club and Aliza Kelly Faragher’s The Iconic Order. Outlet moved into their space on Wilson Avenue in 2013, and is now run by Jimarez Howard and co-directors Jason Andrew and John Silvis. Their upcoming show doubles as an unveiling of Postprint Magazine, a “space for poetry that lives beyond the printed page, IRL.” Eight artists will be showing work that explores the limitations inherent in poetry and, beyond that, words themselves.

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When: Opens Friday, August 5, 7–10pm
Where: Outlet (253 Wilson Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn)

Meet Postprint Magazine, a new project dedicated to sharing poetry IRL. Its first issue, Expensive Poetry, comes in the form an exhibition at Outlet and seeks to break free from the bonds of the page. By interpreting the colorful, pricey aesthetic of periodicals and presenting poetry that the viewer (or reader?) must physically move through, the exhibition promises to be as much a literary as a visual experience. —EWA